Rotterdam – accessibility

Rotterdam. Gateway to Europe

If you hear of a city that is internationally known as ‘the gateway to Europe’, the only possible answer is Rotterdam! The young, dynamic metropolis is part of Europe’s greatest maritime cluster, but also plays an important part on a global level in other strong economic sectors. Rotterdam is literally connected with the rest of the world, thanks to the strategic position of the city. Nevertheless, Rotterdam has a compact city centre with various venues for events, multiple hotels and numerous restaurants. This results in a wide variety of possibilities for different kind of leisure activities, conferences and networking.


Rotterdam is easily accessible and has a compact city centre. Rotterdam can be reached in a variety of ways: by car, boat, train, bus and air. There are two airports in the vicinity of Rotterdam: Schiphol International Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Travel time by train to Rotterdam Central Station

Traveling to Rotterdam can be done very easily by train. From various places in Europe, the city is attainable in a short time frame!

00:26 hrs – Schiphol Airport
00:30 hrs – Antwerp
01:11 hrs – Brussel
02:36 hrs – Paris
03.15 hrs – London

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport is a comfortable and easy regional airport, situated at approximately six miles from the city centre. Travel times between the airport and the city are excellent: fifteen minutes by taxi and twenty minutes by public transport (airport shuttle & metro) to Rotterdam Central Station. At the Airport, flights are continually landing from major cities of neighbouring countries. Serving 40 destinations, Rotterdam The Hague Airport has regular flight connections to many major European cities with national and low-cost carriers.

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol International Airport is the most user friendly airport in the world and the 5th largest of Europe. It has already repeatedly earned the accolade of being the world’s favourite airport. Schiphol is a major international hub and the gateway to Europe.