Themes & topics

The ESPCI symposium is centered around 4 major themes. Each theme covers various topics. During your abstract submission you can only choose the topic applicable to your abstract, not the theme.

Hearing and the developing Brain
topics: indications, SSD, vestibular function, ANSD, bimodal/bilateral, cognition, objective measures and etiology

Novel implants, therapies and fitting

topics: (robotic) surgery, image guided electrode choice, fitting, fitting EAS, imaging, vestibular implant, hearable devices, otogenetic/molecular therapies, artificial intelligence, Big data, personalized therapy
Growing up with CI
topics: rehabilitation, psychosocial development, education/career, quality of life, speech-language development, daily CI use, sign language development, patient participation
Sustainable and green
topics: economic issues, public health issues, global CI, sustainable care, green health care, access to technology

Advanced Bionics

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Panel Congenital malformations and CI

Chaired by: Christopher Raine, UK

Panel Global access to CI? A reality check

Chaired: Erwin Offeciers, Belgium

Clinical session 2: Surgery

Accepted Oral Abstracts 
O5.5.1 Guy Faibish, IL
O5.5.2 Anandhan Dhanasingh, AT
O5.5.3 Ingo Todt, DE
O5.5.4 Nora Weiss, DE
O5.5.5 Hong Ju Park, KR
O5.5.6 Marlise van der Veen, NL

Clinical essentials: Rehab issues

Accepted Oral Abstracts

O4.5.1 Ranjith Rajeswaran, IN
O4.5.2 Byung-Yoon Choi, KR
O4.5.3 Kiana Kheirkhah, BE
O4.5.4 Josef Seebacher, AT
O4.5.5 Yongxin Li, CN
O4.5.6 Eveline Dieleman, NL

Advanced Bionics workshop

Cochlear workshop

HEARRING Workshop: “HEARRINGS Boosts the Way”

Parent-child interaction and outcome

O2.3.1 Gal Katalin, RO
O2.3.2 Liz Cullen, UK
O2.3.3 Talita le Roux, ZA
O2.3.5 Bong Jik Kim, KR
O2.3.6 Mirthe Fehrmann, NL


Accepted Oral Abstracts 
O5.4.2 Margaret Dillon, US
O5.4.3 Anja Kurz, DE
O5.4.4 Hiske Helleman, NL
O5.4.6 Patrizia Mancini, IT

QOL and outcome add disability

Accepted Oral Abstracts
O5.3.1 Cynthia Glaubitz, DE
O5.3.2 Christina Batthyany, NL
O5.3.3 Ietske Siemann, NL
O5.3.4 Chris Raine, UK
O5.3.5 Anneke Vermeulen, NL
O5.3.6 Luis Lassaletta, ES


Accepted Oral Abstracts
O5.2.1 Jan Boucek, PL
O5.2.2 Woojin Ahn, KR
O5.2.3 Jaouad Abari, BE
O5.2.4 Charlotte Benoit, FR
O5.2.5 Rayoung Kim, DE
O5.2.6 Emilie Heunick, BE


Accepted Oral abstracts
O5.1.1 Tim Nauwelaers, DE
O5.1.2 Sebastiaan Arends, NL
O5.1.3 Nicolas Verhaert, BE
O5.1.4 Lore Kerkhofs, BE
O5.1.6 Iva Speck, DE
O5.1.6 Fida Almuhawas, SA

Coffee Break & e-poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Graphene, fits in splendidly

Jose Antonio Garrido, Professor at Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Spain

Panel European guidelines pediatric cochlear implantation

Thomas Lenarz, Professor in Otorhinolaryngology, Medizinishe Hochshule Hannover


Accepted Oral Abstracts

O4.4.1 Jan-Willem Wasmann, NL
O4.4.3 Aysenur Kucuk Ceyhan, TR
O4.4.4 Andreas Buechner, DE


Accepted Oral Abstracts
O4.3.1 Anja Kurz, DE
O4.3.2 Jill Firszt, US
O4.3.3 Artur Lorens, PL
O4.3.4 Eulalia Juan, ES
O4.3.5 Lisa Park, US
O4.3.6 Ricky Kaplan Neeman, IL


Accepted Oral Abstracts
O4.2.1 An Boudewyns, BE
O4.2.2 Santiago Cuello Entrena, ES
O4.2.3 Angelica Perez Fornos, CH
O4.2.4 Morgana Sluydts, BE
O4.2.5 Joost Stultiens, NL
O4.2.6 Laure Jaquemin, BE

Ecoch measurents / eCap measurents

Accepted Oral Abstracts 
O4.1.1 Dimitrios Paouris, SK
O4.1.2 Theda Eichler, DE
O4.1.3 Berkutay Mert, DE
O4.1.4 A. Beynon, AU
O4.1.5 Peter Baumhoff, DE
O4.1.6 Diana Arweiler-harbeck, DE

Tea break & poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Growing up with Usher syndrome and bilateral cochlear implants

Carolien de Bie, Ushermom, UsherMom- The Netherlands


Accepted Oral Abstracts

O3.4.1 Griet Mertens, BE
O3.4.2 Helena Alves, PT
O3.4.3 Robert Cowan, AT
O3.4.4 Diane Smit, NL
O3.4.5 Chun Suan Ong, SG
O3.4.6 Griet Goovaerts, BE
O3.4.7 Marc Lammers, BE

Education and psychosocial functioning

Accepted Oral Abstracts

O3.3.1 Hong Ju Park, KR
O3.3.2 Jeroen Briaire, NL
O3.3.3 Piret Zimmer, EE
O3.3.4 Lida Muller, ZA
O3.3.5 Tjeerd de Jong, NL
O3.3.6 Sue Archbold, UK
O3.3.7 Heike Kühn, DE

Auditory evoked potentials

Accepted Oral Abstracts

O3.2.1 Joseph Attias, IL
O3.2.3 Andy Beynon, NL
O3.2.4 Lutz Gärtner, DE
O3.2.5 Liesbeth Royackers, BE
O3.2.6 George Tavartkiladze, RU
O3.2.7 Ignacio Calderon, NL


Brain functioning

Accepted Oral Abstracts

O3.1.1 Marc Lammers, BE
O3.1.2 Karen Gordon, CA
O3.1.3 Rosamaria Santarelli, IT
O3.1.4 Francesco Lazzerini, IT
O3.1.5 Irene Arrieta Sagredo, ES
O3.1.6 Francesco Lazzerini, IT
O3.1.7 Filiz Aslan, TR

Clinical essentials: Bilateral cochlear implants and bimodal hearing

Rene Gifford, Professor and Fred H. Bess Chair In Audiology; Director, Cochlear Implant Research Laboratory, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville

Sustainable healthcare: Green Team movement in the Netherlands

Else de Ridder, Founder, Green Care Academy, The Netherlands

Challenges and opportunities for AI in health: towards precision medicine

Wiro Niessen, professor in biomedical image analysis, Erasmus MC & TU Delft, The Netherlands

3x best abstracts 10 min each

S2.1 Monika Matusiak, PL
S2.2 Tine Arras, BE
S2.3 Zandile Shezi, ZA

Novel implants

O2.2.1 Gwangjin Choi, KR
O2.2.2 Verena Scheper, DE
O2.2.3 – Thomas Lenarz, DE
O2.2.4 Robert Briggs, AU
O2.2.5 Aarno Dietz, FI

Vestibular functioning and implants

O2.1.1 Aurelie Coudert, FR
O2.1.2 Josine Widdershoven, NL
O2.1.3 Stan Van Boxel, NL
O2.1.4 Benjamin Volpe, BE
O2.1.5 Max Gerdsen, NL
O2.1.6 Joost Stultiens, NL

Tea break & poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Panel Novel implants & fitting – future fitting, automated and remote?

Chaired: Andrzej Zarowski, BE

Creating a green and sustainable society, acceleration now!

Marjan Minnesma, Stichting Urgenda, The Netherlands

Sustainable care

O1.4.1 Leo De Raeve, BE
O1.4.2 Johan Frijns, NL
O1.4.3 Ihab Nada, EG
O1.4.5 Jan-Willem Wasmann, NL
O1.4.6 Lukas Varga, SK
O1.4.7 Hugo Nijmeijer, NL
O1.4.7 Hylke van der Toom, NL

Language outcome

O1.3.1 Merel Maslowski, NL
O1.3.2 Margreet Langereis, NL
O1.3.3 Elke Huysmans, NL
O1.3.4 Debora Auricchio, IT
O1.3.5 Angelika Illg, DE
O1.3.6 Aysenur Kucuk Ceyhan, TR
O1.3.7 Mara Moita, PT

Measurements during surgery

O1.2.1 Elke Devocht, NL
O1.2.2 Jakob Cramer, DE
O1.2.3 Viktor Schell, DE
O1.2.4 Eliana Cristofari, IT
O1.2.5 Thomas Klenzner, DE
O1.2.6 Kristen Rak, DE
O1.2.7 Victoria Tanaschishina, RU

Auditory functioning

O1.1.1 Maria Nicastri, IT
O1.1.2 Athanasia Warnecke, DE
O1.1.3 Cristina Simoes, IE
O1.1.4 Lucinda Kootstra, NL
O1.1.5 H. Christiaan Stronks, NL
O1.1.6 Olivia Ferguson, IE
O1.1.7 Tjeerd De Jong, NL

Clinical essentials: Surgical factors during cochlea approach and hearing preservation

Angel Ramos, Professor in Otorhinolaryngology, University of Las Palmas

Inner ear therapy and/or cochlear implantation

Athanasia Warnecke, Professor For Inner Ear Therapeutics, MHH Hannover, Germany

Growing up with CI: time to appreciate diversity

Harry Knoors, Professor Emeritus, Radboud University

3x best abstracts 10 min each

S1.1 Karen Gordon, CA
S1.2  Kenneth Lee, US
S1.3 Matti Iso-Mustajärvi, FI

MED-EL: “A Whole New Level of Hearing”

Cochlear™: “Inspired by infinite possibilities”

Closure conference: The future of cochlear implants: the bionic ear

Professor Thomas Lenarz, Medizinishe Hochshule Hannover

Coffee Break & e-poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Closing day 2

Tea break & poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Lunch break & poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Coffee Break & e-poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Closing day 1

Lunch break & poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Coffee Break & e-poster viewing & visiting exhibition

Welcome reception

Opening ceremony

Registration open

Sustainability of CI care

With Christophe Vincent, Karen Gordon & Eric Truy

Patient-Reported Outcomes in Children with Hearing Loss

With Judith Lieu & Lisa Davidson

The future of cochlear implants: the bionic ear

With Thomas Lenarz, Thomas Rau & Rolf Sacher

New insights in cochlear anatomy in view of cochlear implantation

With Helge Rask-Andersen, Sumit Agrawal & Kevin Brown

Remote hearing assessments & e-health solutions

With Cas Smits, Helen Cullington & Rudolf Hagen

SSD in children

With Antje Aschendorff, Yael Henkin, Thomas Wesarg & Astrid van Wieringen

EEG-based measures of hearing: practical applications in children with cochlear implants

With Tom Francart, Ben Somers & Elise Verwaerde

The road towards genetic therapies for otogenetic disorders

With Erwin van Wijk, Cris Lanting & Aziz El-Amraoui

Hearing Care for All: Opportunities and Challenges

With Andre Goedegebure, Bolajoko Olusanya & Birkena Qirjazi

Welcome to school! Social inclusion of young CI users in their daily environments

With Carolien Rieffe, Brenda Sousa da Silva, Yung-Ting Tsou & Claudia Libbi

Objective Assessment of Electrocochleography and Intracochlear Signal Patterns

With Stephen O’Leary, Adrian Dalbert & Stefan Weder

Cross-modal neuroplasticity in deafness and cochlear implantation

With Anu Sharma & Andrej Kral

The footprint of inhalation anesthetics and nitrous oxide in the Netherlands

Pascale Venema

Sustainable ENT healthcare in the Netherlands

Maura Eggink

GreENT – what can you do?

Froukje Cals

Go green! How can we make the transition from linear to circular healthcare together?

Nicole Hunfeld

Sustainable ophthalmology: where we are, and how we got there

Tristan Reuser

Digitalisation and its impact on a green and sustainable healthcare

Lucien Engelen

Parent-child interaction of children with hearing loss

With Evelien Dirks, Lizet Ketelaar

Optical Cochlear Implant: Optogenetic Stimulation of the Auditory Pathway

With Tobias Moser, Bettina Wolf & Antoine Huet

Vestibular function in children with hearing loss

With Ingeborg Dhooge & Ruth Van Hecke & Frederic Acke

Lifelong Sustainable CI Services? How?

With Sue Archbold, Brian Lamb, Rahib Alkhalil & Stuart McNaughton

When and how to optimize language outcomes of children using cochlear implants: learning from the first 10 years of LOCHI children

With Teresa Ching, Greg Leigh & Paola Incerti

How can we understand how cochlear implants work better, using a range of models

With Manohar Bance, Sumit Agrawal

How Hearing Loss Impacts Children’s Perception of Emotional Prosody

With Deniz Baskent, Laura Rachman & Monita Chatterjee