Sumit Agrawal

Title Unlocking the Cochlea:  The Journey from Synchrotron Phase-Contrast Imaging to Artificial Intelligence

Bio Sumit Agrawal, MD, FRCS(C) is the current Chair/Chief of the Department of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery at Western University and London Health Sciences Centre in London, Ontario, Canada.  He completed his fellowship in Neurotology & Skull Base Surgery and his clinical interests include cochlear implantation, vestibular surgery, and lateral skull base tumours.   He is co-director of the Auditory Biophysics Laboratory and his current research involves middle-ear biomechanics, surgical simulation, imaging techniques, and artificial intelligence. Summary Synchrotron Phase-Contrast Imaging (SR-PCI) has allowed for unparalleled three-dimensional views of the temporal bone. The spiral ganglion, basilar membrane, and peripheral axons were visualized and segmented. Ground truth angle-frequency measurements were made, and using an approach designed to minimize perceptual error in frequency estimation, an individualized frequency function was determined to relate angular depth to frequency within the cochlea. Novel artificial intelligence strategies were then employed to automatically segment the cochlea, determine total angular length, and frequency map individual cochlear implant electrode contacts. This patient-specific cochlear implant pitch-mapping has now been translated into patient care through pilot studies and planned randomized controlled trials.