Sue Archbold

United Kingdom
Bio Following a career as a teacher of the deaf, Sue Archbold managed Nottingham CI Programme from its inception in 1989 until 2004. During this time she published widely on family and educational outcomes from paediatric implantation, including cost benefit analyses. As CEO of The Ear Foundation, she led a team of research, education and services for CI users of all ages and their families. Her PhD, cum laude, from Nijmegen University was on Deaf Education: Changed by cochlear Implantation? and she was honoured with a Hon Doctor of Letters by Nottingham University for her work on cochlear implantation. Sue is now the Coordinator of the CI International Community of Action, CIICA, and remains passionate about improving access to the best possible services for all with deafness and hearing loss and ensuring the user and family voice is heard.

Summary An infant implanted today may need 100 years of CI support to enable them to communicate throughout their lives, wherever they find themselves. CI's are a huge benefit for individuals and over time save society money. But only if we ensure the right lifelong and sustainable services are in place for families and users.  An audiologist, CI user, educator and public policy expert will explore the very real challenges that this entails for individuals, families, CI services and society. Whose responsibility is this and how do we deliver what is needed for the future? Come and join us for this lively session.