Stuart McNaughton

United Kingdom
Bio Profound deaf since childhood, Stuart McNaughton is a bilateral cochlear implant user of more than 20 years. Stuart has worked for various multinational corporations, but recently retrained as a Psychotherapist and is recognised by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Alongside his private practice which supports those experiencing mental distress, Stuart also supports families along their journey to hearing as The Cochlear implant Coach. He does this using a person-centred approach, tailoring his service to the individuals involved. Summary An infant implanted today may need 100 years of CI support to enable them to communicate throughout their lives, wherever they find themselves. CI's are a huge benefit for individuals and over time save society money. But only if we ensure the right lifelong and sustainable services are in place for families and users. An audiologist, CI user, educator and public policy expert will explore the very real challenges that this entails for individuals, families, CI services and society. Whose responsibility is this and how do we deliver what is needed for the future? Come and join us for this lively session.