Rob Beenders

The Netherlands
Bio Hearing impairment is still all too often located in a world of 'shame'. Hearing aids are synonymous with 'old' and a cochlear implant is synonymous with 'deaf and dumb'. Rob has experienced this all too often since he has been hard of hearing. Of course, this is not true and Rob’s ambition is helping to change this. Due to an acute infection, Rob became deaf on the left side overnight. A few months after the infection his hearing at his right side also deteriorated because of the illness of Ménière. Suddenly Rob got the diagnoses 'severely hearing loss’ at the age of 37. Today, five years later, he doesn’t feel hearing impaired at all. He works full-time, he is an active runner and has a busy social life. Rob wears a cochlear implant on his left side and a compatible hearing aid on his right side. It is the culmination of an exciting 'hearing journey' that has completely changed his life. Choosing real hearing solutions has significantly improved his quality of life. He wrote 2 books: “Mijn Hoorreis” that also is been translated into English “My Hearing Challenges”, and “Gezien & Gehoord” (publication 31/03/23), this book focuses on a vision to orient talents who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired in finding a first job or a successful next step in career.