Cris Lanting

The Netherlands
Bio Cris Lanting, M.Sc., PhD, is a clinical and research audiologist at the department of otorhinolaryngology Radboud medical center. After his study Applied Physics at the University of Groningen, he did a PhD on the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tinnitus at the University Medical Center Groningen. After this, he obtained a MRC Career Development Fellowship at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research in Nottingham working on the frequency selectivity in humans using EEG techniques and using ultra high field imaging of the auditory cortex. Subsequently he returned back to Groningen for a four-year training for medical-physicist audiology at the University Medical Center Groningen and moved to Nijmegen to join the team five years ago. He now focusses on phenotyping hereditary hearing loss, evaluating new types of implants and hearables, and the development of new methods to evaluate inner ear therapy. He has contributed to more than twenty scientific papers and book chapters. In his role as clinical audiologist he is actively involved in pediatric cochlear implantation within the CI center of Nijmegen.

Summary The presentation "Deep-phenotyping of hearing loss: the search for the best biomarkers for evaluation of the efficacy of inner ear therapy" in the session on "The road towards genetic therapies for otogenetic disorders" will discuss the limitations of current practices in evaluating inner ear therapy and advocates for a combination of objective measures and psychophysical methods as potential biomarkers for evaluating its efficacy. The talk will cover some of the outcomes of phase 2 clinical trials, while also highlighting the challenges associated with patient heterogeneity, mechanisms of hearing loss, and chosen outcome measures. Overall, the presentation will emphasize the importance of a deep-phenotyping approach to hearing loss and the need for reliable and sensitive biomarkers to evaluate the effectiveness of inner ear therapy.