Claudia Libbi

The Netherlands
10.30-10.35 Opening - Carolien Rieffe
10.35-10.50 Presentation 1 - Brenda Sousa da Silva
10.50-11.05 Presentation 2 - Yung-Ting Tsou
11.05-11.20 Presentation 3 - Claudia Libbi
11.20-11.30 Plenary discussion - Carolien Rieffe

11.05-11.20 Presentation 3 - Claudia Libbi

Subtitle Every-day soundscapes: How do high-school students with CIs experience sound during breaktime?

• Johan Frijns
• Chris Stronks
• Adva Eichengreen
• Yung-Ting Tsou
• Brenda De Sousa da Silva
• Carolien Rieffe

As CI technology improves, more complex challenges (e.g. listening to individuals or groups in noisy environments, and reducing CI users’ hearing-related fatigue) become relevant. For adolescents with CIs, access to social situations in school is crucial for their socio-emotional development and sense of well-being. However, listening in the classroom can already be so tiring that avoiding additional interactions with peers during breaktime becomes a coping mechanism.

In this presentation, we showcase how we go beyond assessing only objective, acoustic parameters of an environment. Instead, we look at “soundscapes” - we learn about the lived experiences of high-schoolers with CIs, and how they perceive their sound environment in context. Through a participatory methodology, we acknowledge that sound is fundamentally perceived differently by everybody.

The objective is to contribute to more inclusive acoustic environments, and help professionals better understand the qualities and features of every-day sound environments that impact young CI users the most.