Brian Lamb

United Kingdom
Bio Profound deaf since childhood, Stuart McNaughton is a bilateral cochlear implant user of more than 20 years. Stuart has worked for various multinational corporations, but recently retrained as a Psychotherapist and is recognised by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Alongside his private practice which supports those experiencing mental distress, Stuart also supports families along their journey to hearing as The Cochlear implant Coach. He does this using a person-centred approach, tailoring his service to the individuals involved. Summary Brian Lamb OBE, MSc, is the policy and strategy advisor to the Cochlear Implant International Community of Action and also chairs the Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance. He is also a policy advisor to the National Sensory Impairment Partnership which supports specialist teachers of the deaf in England. He is Visiting Professor in Special Educational Needs and Disability at Derby University (2016-present) and a board member of the Ewing Foundation which provides technology and support to deaf children. Brian was Executive Director of Advocacy and Policy at the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RIND) from 2000-2010 where he was centrally involved in advocacy work to modernise Audiology services. He has contributed to a number of publications on the health economics of improving access to hearing technology, access criteria and patient experience and is the author of the Good Guide to Campaigning and Influencing.